Just like its name, Hometown Hainan is showcasing the best of hometown Hainan tastes. The restaurant is done up in a modern slash casual ambience that fits the expectation of the city while rekindling childhood memories with their taste. Quickly growing to become the next multi-branch kopitiam, Hometown Hainan already has more than 10 branches across Klang Valley, a marketed own brand coffee, and a growing number of customers, and it provides a good place for something as formal as a business meeting to casual enjoyment.

The extensive menu offers all the Hainanese and kopitiam favourites like the chicken rice and the classic kaya and butter bread. With a choice of either toasted or steamed bread, dig in to dishes like the Hainan Kaya Butter Bread, or the Kaya Butter Peanut Bread, a choice of Condensed Milk, Milo or Strawberry Jam with your bread, or the evergreen Butter and Sugar combination. Other breads also include Hainan Round Bun, Hometown Specialty Hainan Egg Toast, and Curry Chicken with Bread. Any of their bread is best enjoyed with a cup of Hainan coffee such as Kopi ‘C’, normal Teh, and Cham that would bring out the best of the coffee and bread pair. One of the most famous Hainan dish is Chicken Rice and Hometown Hainan has five serving choices of normal Poached Chicken, with Bean Sprouts, Curry Chicken, Rendang, or Minced Chicken. With more variety like their Nasi Lemak menu, Special Fried Rice, Noodles and Western Corner, plus many types of drinks, one would have a hard time deciding what to eat at the good ol’ Hometown Hainan Coffee.

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