Hokkaido Japanese Pastry House Petaling Jaya

Pastries, pastries everywhere! Innumerable amount of pastry houses have been flourishing these days nevertheless qualities of some will never scale down including Hokkaido Japanese Pastry House. Tucked in the middle of Dataran Sunway that houses abundant of restaurants and cafes, this pastry house has pleases the crowds for quite some time now and seems to be Kota Damansara’s folks favourite spot in seizing for some scrumptious looking pastries and cakes.

Like any other pastry house with multifarious number of sandwiches, pastries, and cakes to choose from, some of the crowd’s favourite in Hokkaido Japanese Pastry House is their buns. Bread rolls of different shapes and sizes with fillings inside appear to have impressed many especially their Double Chocolate Bun. The name clearly forecasted itself as the chocolate filling would definitely filled the already-chocolate bun and some chocolate sauce graces the top with peanuts on it – go figure yet still intrigues. For a little savoury taste to the tongue, Tuna Bun would do the job with a hint of saltiness that seconds the flavour and not to mention aplenty of tuna chunks as well! But one can never mention the word ‘Hokkaido’ and ‘pastry’ together without picturing their signature Hokkaido cake. The cake is all about its own fluffiness of the texture and creaminess of the fillings and this house’s Hokkaido cake has lived up to that reputation.

Cakes and tarts lining in the chiller are no less recommended and at such range to opt for, from Vanilla Cheesecake to Chocolate Hazelnut cake, no one should ever look pass a single slice.