Going to Hong Kong in search for justice to your palate for authentic Hong Kong cuisine would be time-consuming and of course a pain to your wallet. For that very reason, a number of Chinese restaurants serving authentic Hong Kong cuisine are on the rise in Malaysia making it easy for Hong Kong cuisine-cravers and HK7 is one of the best to curb those cravings! Besides serving a variety of Hong Kong cuisine, the interior depicts of a Hong Kong Subway for you to experience authentic yet cosy ambience.

HK7’s menu is not limited to only a few dishes but also a lot of Hong Kong dishes to choose from! There are plenty of rice dishes to devour yourself with such as Oriental Pork Belly Rice, Braised Beef Brisket Rice as well as their signature Braised Pork Rice Rice set that serves a bowl of rice, braise pork, soup and other condiments. Aside rice, thin egg noodle dishes, specicial soup noodles as well as Hong Kong style noodles are available for those who want to opt for noodles over rice. 

The fun does not end there, Cantonese Western-style dishes are also available with their signature Macanese Pork Chop Rice, Cream Sauce with Cheese baked scallops pasta, Cream sauce with grilled chicken pasta as well as Cheese baked rice with black pepper beef and seafood.

Other signatures dishes can be found in their snacks selection! One can never go wrong with the sight, aroma and taste of their Signature Chicken Wings. Almond Prawn Balls, Salad Rolls, Fancy Dragon Ball, Money Bag and Black Pepper Sausage are also among their signatures! You really can find anything here at HK7!

Oh desserts are not meant to be forgotten so try their signature 7Treasure and Ginger Milk Pudding dessert along with Hong Kong-style Milk Tea and other drinks.