French toast is one of the most common breakfast staples that is usually served with a spread of honey drizzled over, but Haraju Cube offers a different kind of toast in the form of Japanese Honey Toast.

Located at Empire Damansara, Haraju Cube can be easily identified with a snaking long queue outside the eatery. Inside, it's pretty clean, casual and comforting with the usage of dangling lights, trendy stools and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The kitchen serves up to 18 types of toasts ranging from sweet to savoury varieties. For instance, customers will be spoilt with a wide range of honey toasts such as “Classic”, “Strawbelicious”, “Choco-Dip”, “Azuki-Matcha” and “Bana-Choco”.

Each toast is amazingly thick and baked fresh to crispy perfection with a generous heap of delicious toppings, including whipped cream, ice cream and other varieties – depending on the menu choice of your order – such as Japanese red beans and chopped strawberries. Thanks to the presence of 100% pure French butter, the honey toast is blessed with a nice whiff of the buttery aroma upon every bite.

Haraju Cube’s toast can be shared between 2 to 3 people as it can be filling to your stomach. To make sharing easy, each order comes with a bread knife. Also, their cheese tarts come in a number of flavours and look as delightful as the best seller here. For those who are new to Haraju Cube, remember to pair your favourite toast with Haruju Milk. Served in a glass milk bottle, this milky beverage comes in three different flavours: butterscotch, coffee and fruit (peach & mango).

If thick toast is not up to your palate, Haraju Cube also offers a more personalised sliced toast such as “Mayo-Egg”, “Ham-Cheese”, “Azuki-Berry” and “Bana-Peanut”.

Dining at Haraju Cube is sure to impress all sugar junkies and French toast fans out there as they score both in taste and variety. 

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