GTS Best Satay (Good Taste Satay) Klang

For many Malaysians, if not all, the term "satay" is no stranger in terms of everyday vocabulary. Essentially meat skewered upon thin sticks -usually bamboo sticks; traditional satays are always cooked -more specifically, grilled; upon an open charcoal fire, from which the tell-tale aroma of satays are derived from. Generally comprising of poultry, mutton or beef as the standard protein fare, the succulent grilled dish is usually taken with sides of sliced cucumbers and onions along with the all-too-savoury peanut sauce. And that very dish, ladies and gentlemen, have remained unchanged throughout the years of culinary heritage until today, that is.

Meet Good Taste Satay located in Bandar Baru Klang, where they give patrons all the more reasons to partake in the decadent satay dish. Here in Good Taste Satay, you will not only find yourself in the wake of the usual three meats but also a myriad of tantalising others. Take for example, plump and juicy prawns or freshly caught whole mackerels (and also smelt -commonly known as shishamo), grilled to perfection. If that doesn't pique your interest for satay, we are not entirely sure what will.

Operating in a manner that would strongly remind anyone of the generic "lok-lok", Good Taste Satay churns out their various satays in ginormous batches to cater to the crowd patronising the premises. One of the few crowd favourites are the deboned chicken wings lathered with sweet and savoury marinate where upon being grilled, patrons will be able to discern the fragrant aroma wafting from the skewered wings. Taste wise, the wings are pretty darn sensational, to say the least.

Of course, despite their rendition of grilled chicken wings being one of the best around, there are many other satay variants that will give you the run for your money as well. Simply put, Good Taste Satay will leave you spoilt for choice, hands down.