Grand Imperial Restaurant is a band of restaurant chains scattered around Klang Valley that serves up the ultimate fine dining experience what with their ambience and food quality. The first branch was established back in 2008 and eventually the company decided to expand to Casa Klang in Jalan Meru to cater to the community around. The interior is design in such a way that screams exclusivity and luxury. Customers can revel in an environment that can rival a 5-star restaurant with its high ceilings, impressive chandeliers, and comfortable furniture. The main dining hall is big enough for a wedding, in which they do take in reservations, plus the addition of VIP rooms that’s equipped with karaoke system and an attached washroom. 

Upholding only the finest of Chinese cuisines, from dim sum to barbecue, seafood steamboat, Hong Kong noodles, and fresh seafood, Grand Imperial is slowly but surely solidifying their position as one of the top Chinese restaurant.

Grand Imperial’s dim sum comes in the usual variety but they stepped it up by using only the best quality ingredients by the team of master chefs that value the presentation as much as the food. After all, you do eat with your eyes. While the restaurant centred seafood as the star of their establishment, other meat dishes do not lose in comparison. The barbecue and roasted meat are succulently shiny and tender that proves the quality the restaurant is striving for. Even so, the seafood is always a joy to have around for its certified freshness. The Chee Cheong Fun is also worth ordering along the way.

Grand Imperial is all about fine and finer things in life and these things unfortunately does not come cheap. However, it is a perfect location for events or gatherings that needed that bit of exquisite flair.