This newly opened restaurant in PJ is a one stop wonder for those who enjoy food prepared with a twist using high quality ingredients and a good service to conclude their dining experience. Following its forerunners from other locations, they still serve the ever famous XO Claypot Fish Head Noodles and a few other original dishes. 

Customers are greeted with a brightly lit place and a conducive environment, which makes it no task to dine in pleasure and comfort. There is ample of space in this restaurant, so make sure to bring your friends and family along for a meal! 

As mentioned above, they still have their signature dishes around. Picture on the left shows their boiling and delicious Claypot XO Fish Head Noodle and the one on the right is their equally appetising Loh Shi Fun topped with fried prawns and taukua and drizzled with a generous amount of black sauce that is not too salty.

For those of you who are not able to eat much, fret not! They serve this delicious dish in three servings: small, medium and big. The best thing yet is that you can get a refill for free! So now you get to eat with ease and save money at the same time. What a time to be alive.

Do not be deceived by this dangerous looking dish. Although some might claim it looks somewhat spicy, it is far from it. However, they do pack a punch full of flavour with the abundance of "treasured" dried prawns, small chunks of meat and friend prawns. The sauce just adds the perfect finishing touch to an already mouth watering dish. Be sure to try this out! Another thing to try out is their Fried Rice. So waste no more time and make haste to this restaurant to satisfy you fishy cravings! See what I did there? 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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