Go Noodle House Klang Parade Klang

The history of Go Noodle House based on friendship values. A group of people modified their family recipe from the Qing Dynasty and set up their first Go Noodle House Restaurant in 2014. Here you can get simple but flavoursome pork noodles served with generous portion of minced pork and other ingredients. 

Every pork lovers certainly will consider pork noodles as one of the simple and delicious dish which can gives pleasure especially if it is eaten while it's hot. Diners can choose a variety of toppings and noodles from the menu to make wholesome and hearty meal. Don't miss out their signature dish which is meatballs. It is a must in almost every order.

Make sure to make plans before hand as the seats fill up quickly. Even though their seating area is a little narrow, the customer service over there is first class and you will not get disappoint. Try once and I bet you won't regret it.