Ginger Noi Thai Kitchen is a restaurant at Dpulze in Cyberjaya. Another Thai restaurant added to the mix, Ginger Noi is holding their own well enough in the competition. The place is decorated in a traditional Thai style filled with wooden furniture and ornaments. The mirrors hanged on one side of the wall gives the illusion of a bigger space. During the day, a lot of natural light shine its way into the restaurant, giving the equal amount of light and dimness that exudes exclusivity.

As far as Thai Restaurants go, the menu here is quite similar to authentic Thai restaurants around but the taste sets it apart from others. For food loving Malaysians, Tom Yam can be considered the number one food associated with the Thai culture and therefore expect nothing but the best flavourful broth to come out of any Thai kitchen. Ginger Noi’s more famous Tom Yam type is the clear soup filled with tropical flavours and spices.The soup may be clear but the taste still packs quite a punch. A remedy that is good to combat cold and blocked nose, sometimes colour isn’t everything.

Ginger Noi also has set lunches that comes in a sizable amount and with affordable price tag. The unique aspect of Ginger Noi is that they take presentation of their food quiet seriously. Forget servings in normal bowls, and experience eating your food out of stone bowls. Stone bowls are known to keep the food warm even after a period of time and the sets would be accompanied with some side dishes. With options like Pad Thai and desserts Mango Sticky Rice and Durian Waffle, almost everything here is worth trying.