The Taman Selera Food Court in Jalan Othman, located in old town Petaling Jaya has stood the test of time with a history that spans more than 3 decades, and it is still considered one of the best hawker centres around town, serving some of the best authentic hawker food available. One of the stalls responsible for this is stall No.35, known to most regulars here as Gerai Seong Kee. The stall is still very much a family run operation, getting their start with the parents selling yong tau foo. Now that they have retired, the children took over the stall, and are doing so with the help of their own kids.

Although the menu might not be the most extensive, the stall is still well known for serving up authentic Hakka specialties such as Hakka yong tau foo, curry fish head (or fish head curry to some of us), assam fish, Hakka stew fried pork, pork leg in sweet vinegar, fried chicken, Hakka abacus beads, and a number of others. The yong tau foo is regularly praised by the loyal customers here. One of the things that makes this serving of yong tau foo stand out is the fact that it is made on the spot upon ordering. Some of the yong yau foo varieties include chilli, ladies’ finger, brinjal, bitter gourd, stuffed tofu, and a few others.


So if you’re looking to enjoy some authentic Hakka food around old town Petaling Jaya, Gerai Seong Kee in the Taman Selera Food Court would be one of the prime choices.

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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