Gerai Abang in SS19 is a family-run business that has been around for over 30 years. One of the things that they are famous for is their Roti Canai; a type of Indian flatbread grilled over a large pan and served with choice of curry and/or dhal. A typically Southern Indian (Mamak) dish, one of the reason that kept people coming back to Gerai Abang is the fact that their Roti Canai is Malay-made, which means that the style and taste is there without being too overbearing with the mixture of spices. They know full well that a proper Indian flavoured meal would be a bit too much to some, thus joining in the small wagon of providing similar taste that are more friendly to the tongue.

It is a popular trend in Malaysia to serve Roti Canai with curry, dhal and sambal. Gerai Abang, also popular for their Nasi Lemak, serves it with the anchovy sambal, primarily used in the Nasi Lemak serving. Usually busier on weekends, other menu attraction are their Fried Mihun and Roti Jala. It also gets more interesting on weekends when the owners add a little bit more to their menu by offering Mutton Curry, Steamed Tapioca, and an assortment of Malay kuihs, which gives more variety to their customers. Much can be said about Gerai Abang when even after all this time, in this current time, they managed to persevere and keep their prices low and affordable, making it possible for people to enjoy good food without forking too much out of their wallet.

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