Located in Hilton Hotel, PJ, Genji is designed based on a country Japanese concept, the decorating objects and black and white photo prints of Japanese country life sets a pretty comfortable and cozy vibe to the room. Yet, the soft lights and light pine furniture furnished in the space makes elevates the whole room with an elegant ambience. The restaurant is pretty spacious considering that it is fractioned into 6 sections which includes a tea lounge, sushi bar, main restaurant, teppanyaki counter and six private dining rooms which would be perfect for special occasions or private sessions. The restaurant’s menu is based on the mild flavours of Osaka cuisine and the strong flavours of Tokyo cuisine.

Like usual Japanese restaurants, Genji has a variety of sushi, main dishes and appetizers in their menu and one of their signature dishes would be the kaki chilli mayo which is an oyster dish. The fresh quality oysters are baked and topped with chilli-mayo sauce that adds in a spicy flavor to the dish. If you are visiting the restaurant in groups, you might want to try out their Kaiseki sets which feature a combination of meat, seafood, and vegetables prepared from scratch by the chefs using fresh ingredients.

Fans of teppanyaki would definitely want to try out teppanyaki served hot from the teppanyaki counter which is also one of the items recommended by many who have visited the place. Weekend lunch buffet is also available in Genji for those of you who are up for some fresh sashimi and delicate sushi crafted by the chefs of Genji.

In a nutshell, Genji Japanese Restaurant would be one of the places you want to visit for a private gathering or candlelight dinner for two.

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