Garage 51 is probably the hippest place to dine in at the moment. With fine-looking interior, extensive range of delicacies, and great coffee, it is hard not to say 'yes' to such amazing place. Started off with Coffee Société at Publika in 2011, they are slowly expanding their business with the opening of three other outlets – Underground Sociéte, Procaffeinating, and of course, Garage 51. Located in the very busy town of Bandar Sunway, the eatery can capture anyone’s attention with its stunning blue mural outside the place. If you think that’s remarkable, wait until you walk in the space. Think recyclable furniture, yellow light bulbs, high ceilings, and glass windows. Every décor in every corner is exquisitely done by Kar Heng, graduated in design and development studies in Australia.

First thing first, always starts with their range of coffees. Mochatella is something that everyone should try. It comes in two separate components – a glass with few scoops of Nutella spreads at the bottom, topped with coffee ice cubes; and a jar of milk. All you need to do is pour the milk into the other glass and stir it. Simply delicious! You should also try other coffee selections that are well-balanced with silky smooth milk, perfect for coffee lovers.

As for the food, the restaurant is offering lots of delightful gastronomy, from brunch till dinner. Among the most recommended dishes are Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Fries, Couscous with Chicken Piccata, Avocado and Crispy Poached Egg, Awesome Garage Breakfast. The food is made fresh using only the finest of ingredients. To end your lovely meal, don’t forget to order the Caramel Affogato Cheesecake that gives out a nice mild sweetness but a hint of coffee aftertaste. Red Velvet is also another great choice for dessert. We know that car workshops aren’t really fun to go to, but for Garage 51, it is probably the best ‘garage’ you’ll ever visit.