French and Japanese cuisine might be two entirely different things, but the fusion of these two gastronomy might not exactly be impossible. Franco @ One Utama prepares you for a French-Japanese casual fine dining experience with a less expensive price range.


Long queues and long hours of waiting in line is very common among Franco’s loyal supporters. The place is usually packed with customers, so do come early if you don’t want to wait forever for your food to be served. However, to make your waiting time worth it, there is a menu board near the entrance and it will surely attract your attention with the delightful delicacies photos.


Franco, previously known as Miam Miam, is very well-known for their selections of sweet dishes. Franco French Toast is the most recommended dessert. We couldn’t agree more. The dish is served with a spoonful of whipped cream and maple syrup. The toasts are soft, big and fluffy. Just by the sound of it, makes us drool.


Moving on to the next must-have dessert; the Matcha soufflé. It is everything you ever wanted in a soufflé. It is perfectly baked, rises over the edge and forms a delicate crust on top. The centre is filled with delightful homemade vanilla custard and light meringue.


For the main, you might want to try the Squid Ink Rice with Assorted Seafood & Omu Egg. It is a very different way to eat rice. The savoury squid ink rice goes well with the prawns, squid and mussel. A smooth and buttery omelette is put on top to complete the dish.


Here, you will love how the Japanese tailored foods are done in a simpler and fresher flavour than the west. You will also love how Japanese cuisine is prepared with the delicate French way.