FoodAdvisor App Petaling Jaya

FoodAdvisor has launch their mobile app. 

FoodAdvisor App is offering gazillions of deals, daily at your fingertips. 

Users can enjoy an affordable meal at popular merchants. Plenty of options to choose from, with special discounts galore to fit every appetite. There are 2 type of voucher deals available. Bundle Deal and Single Deal.

Bundle Deal
A voucher package with load of deals from various retailers. Get more vouchers and save even more. Save up to 80%.

Single Deal
A prepaid voucher that user can purchase up to 40% discounts through FoodAdvisor App.

Save your wallet for a deal-icious meal with access to our vouchers and promos daily.

One voucher, every meal, every day!

Download FoodAdvisor App now and find ultimate voucher and deals now!