People nowadays are always up for restaurants who uses fresh and good quality ingredients in their foods. That is why Food Lover Cafe has a significant place in our hearts. Specialises in Western gastronomy, this café also serves local delicacies such as curry mee and nasi lemak.


This restaurant is founded by Raymond Hoo, a 13 years Chinese cuisine chef in Ireland. He came back to his home country with the purpose of opening a small café together with his sister. He also brings on board his good friend, Sally Koong, who formerly worked in Castell Restaurant and Bar.


Preparing everything from scratch, plus homemade sauces and soups, this place sure knows how to satisfy their customers with good quality meal. Cream of Mushroom Soup served alongside Garlic Bread and Mushroom Bruschetta is one of the dishes to look out for. The soup is said to have plentiful of fresh button mushrooms and has a creamy taste to it.


Grilled Chicken Chop is a recommended dish by the owner. He specifically mentioned that the chicken is juicier because it is fresh from the market. The plate is served with creamy mashed potato and homemade coleslaw. The chicken chop itself has crispy and spicy skin.


Their Smoked Duck Spaghetti is also one of the suggested cuisine. Since Hoo’s hometown is in Bidor, a well-known town for it’s duck mee, there is no surprise that he can pull off a good Smoked Duck Spaghetti dish.


There is also lunch set menu that is changed every month. With good quality foods and reasonable price, this restaurant believe that everyone should be treating themselves with what they love. Hence, the tagline “Eat what you love!”.