Fitlicious is a fast food concept restaurant located in SS15 that aims to serve only healthy dishes with organic ingredients. 

The restaurant was opened when the owner realised that it is hard to find healthy food options to enjoy. Generally, fast food is found to be extremely tasty, but unhealthy. Some may turn out to be too sweet or it may be too unhealthy. It is also found that people may not have time to cook, and this provides people with a chance to eat healthily. The prices range from RM9 - RM20. 

This restaurant is located in a strategic location in SS15, amongst other restaurants and stores. It is a spacious location that is well furnished to optimise space. It is open 24 hours, which is one of the best selling points of the establishment, along with it being healthy and fast. Their best selling dish is the Poke Salmon or chicken, which contain a variety of ingredients to optimize flavours and nutrients. 


With the plans for expanding the menu to different styles of food, the restaurant improves on the ingredients style and varieties. Some of the ingredients used by the restaurants include prawns, chicken, dory fish, salmon, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, corn, fruits, cherry tomatoes, carrots, brown rice and white rice. 

Some of the sauces available include the Thousand Island dressing, Hot & Spicy, Caesar, Olive Oil, Roasted Sesame and Sesame Soy Sauce. Herbs are also available, including thyme, oregano, paprika, mixed herbs and rosemary. 

The dish options vary, but you are also able to build your own PokeBowl, where you can choose a herb, a dressing sauce, 4 sides, a base, and a topping of your choice. 

Fitlicious does not only save main meals for dishes but also shaved ice. There are a few shaved iced options include the Coconut & Dragon Fruit, Chocolate & Strawberry and Green Tea & Peanuts, where you can choose the base flavour with the addition of a topping for RM1.50.

If you are a fan of healthy food, Fitlicious is the place for you. Try it to experience something new and enjoy the combination of different flavours.