Located in Paradigm Mall, Fish and Co. is a restaurant that comes down to fishy business, literally. A place that’s probably an alternative of Manhattan Fish Market. Serves in a very similar style as Manhattan but taste varies far from it. A healthier choice for some who’s been on the edge of eating too much red meat. It’s not necessarily the best restaurant that serves good western seafood but it does provide pretty good fresh seafood. The label title is pretty distinct and simple.


The restaurant fashions a contemporary western setting that’s with a fish theme. Decorated with different sizes of plain black fishes and fishing hooks on the white brick walls.  The seating arrangement is arranged quite systematically where those who come in pairs are seated at a particular area and in groups at another. Each table has a pretty decent gap with a little privacy. Peak hours are usually from 12-1pm on weekdays and during weekends both lunch and dinner hours. However, since the restaurant occupies a large space there shouldn’t be a problem finding a table.


The menu features a variety of seafood and pizza for to choose. If ever in doubt, try the Citrus-Crusted Barramundi. A barramundi fillet baked to perfection in a coat of crispy zesty crust touch. Furikake Salmon or the Grilled Peri-Peri Prawns. It comes with an option of 2 sides: bread, mashed potato, homemade coleslaw, seasonal sautéed vegetables, paella rice or chips. Aside from the seafood palate, carbs and pasta lovers would be relieved to have spaghetti and baked rice sets available with seafood all mixed up. All its main dishes are served in an aluminium pan for a classy touch. If you’re into something fishy, Fish & Co would be an option to think about.