Steamboat meals are hardly uncommon these days in the food and beverages industry, and while many are mundanely generic in a sense that either quantity prevails over quality or quality comes first but portions are abysmally tiny, there are a handful of exceptions -good exceptions; and Fat One Steamboat restaurant located at Dataran Mentari of Bandar Sunway is a testament to that notion.

The ambience is full of life yet comfortable but what reels you in is the main attraction - a smorgasbord of vegetables, meats and seafood vying for attention.

Fat One operates as an all-you-can-eat steamboat buffet diner and for RM38.00 per head, you can gorge yourself of all the tantalising ingredients that are fresh from the farm or the sea. In terms of ingredients, Fat One offers a wide selection of seafood (from fish to crustacean and mollusc) and meat (chicken, pork and mutton) for those with a carnivorous appetite and a healthy variety of vegetables, fungi and fruits for the vegetarians.

Choice of broth comes in two different types: the original Herbal broth or a tangy, spicy Tom Yam version. The default steamboat set accommodates patrons with both types of soup, but one can opt to have one one type of broth, but admit it, where it the fun in that?

While waiting for the food to be cooked -and also if you're hungry; do make it a point to try out Fat One's rendition of the honey glazed roasted chicken wings and lamb, pork satay as well as skewered Taiwanese sausage. Of course, desserts are part of the menu as well, and patrons can opt for local delicacies such as the Tau Foo Fah or take a shot at Fat One's ice creams. 

All and all, Fat One Steamboat is the spot to bring over your hungry convives and eat till you drop!