Face to Face boasts about preserving the authenticity of noodle-making. Descended from the pioneer of Mee Kolok, a famous dish originated in Sarawak, the founder entertains the idea of sharing a 100-year family secret with the rest of Malaysia. Popular for commercialising Mee Kolok, another crowd favourite is Pan Mee, a Malaysian Chinese, Hakka-style noodles. Both the Pan Mee and what is known as Sarawak Noodles come in multiple varieties, from the dry to the soup version, normal house specialty to chef’s special spicy Pan Mee’s. Not sidelining the vegetarians, Face to Face also offer a vegetarian menu that caters to fully vegetarians that forego egg in their diet, and those who doesn’t. Other things on the menu include rice noodles, of Bee Hoon and Kuey Teow, fulfilling rice dishes, dumplings and wontons as side orders, as well as popular Malaysian desserts like ABC and Cendol. Operating from morning to night, anytime is a good time for a meal at Face to Face Noodle House.

Amongst famous noodle chain restaurants, Face to Face Noodle House does not rely on the power of media advertising, instead put trust that the word of mouth of satisfied customers would bring in more than enough response. Face to Face has branches in both Peninsular and East Malaysia where every branch is standardised though sometimes may have their differences. With the belief that face to face communication brings people together like no other, even more so in the food industry, Face to Face Noodle House strives to unite past knowledge with contemporary taste in bowl full of Sarawak flavours.