If you are very fond of Thai cuisine, you probably already know about the famous fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur serving authentic Thai delicacies called Rama V. Fa Ying situated in Paradigm Mall is apparently under the same management as Rama V. While Rama V is serving traditional Thai gastronomy in an exclusive ambience, Fa Ying on the other hand is more on the casual and playful side. The space is airy and gives out a very casual and fun ambience.

You can spot colourful cushions arranged beautifully on the dark brown seats, relaxing green plants, and sheer hanging curtains. In another section of the restaurant, you can hang out at the bar area while enjoying a glass of fine liquor if you are not in the mood to have anything heavy.

If you are into tapas, you can check out their selections of ‘Thai Tapas’. You can choose up to 14 items but the ones who stands out the most are Thai Minced Beef served in Cucumbers, Grilled Scallops served with Spinach and Dory in Nam Tok Style. Beautiful presentation with the spicy minced beef stuffed into the crunchy cucumber. Nicely cooked scallops served in cute little ceramic bowls to be eaten with a mouth-watering spicy dip. As for the Dory dish, you will love the crispy fried fish topped with some nam tok sauce. 

Apart from that, you can also enjoy other wide selections of Thai foods such as Thai Beef Burger Nam Tok Style, Spaghetti with Thai Green Chicken Curry Pesto, or Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Green Curry. For a casual fun dining experience, delicious authentic traditional Thai cuisine with a twist, and cosy ambience, this one is surely a sweet choice. One more thing: this is a pork-free restaurant that serves alcohol in a separate area and the supplies are halal certified! Besides the Thai food, there are also Italian and Chinese dishes here such as Pasta and Roast Duck.

End your meal on a sweet note by ordering the cliché Thai dessert, Mango Sticky Rice. However, they have their own version of Mango Sticky Rice. The sticky rice is coated in a light batter with a delicious mango paste inside and then deep-fried. You can have it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.

All in all, each and every ardent Thai food followers must-visit this contemporary restaurant for a mixture of flavours and colours that are sure to win you over as a regular.