Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese restaurant nestled in Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. The restaurant has been long known for being one of the best spots for buffet style Japanese food as well as being one of the more affordable Japanese buffets in town (especially the Shumatsu Japanese Buffet Dinner), staying true to serving only the highest quality in authentic Japanese dishes. To set the mood for the authentic Japanese dining experience, the restaurant has a warm atmosphere with the help of an interior that is adorned with Japanese ornaments.

To start with, every diner gets a Dobun Mushi (Japanese tea pot soup). If you’re looking for another soup to enjoy, there is a variety to choose from, including the salmon head miso soup, and shark fin soup. Of course like most Japanese restaurants, its only natural to expect to find a myriad of sushi and sashimi to choose from. In Eyuzu, some of the selections include salmon, tuna, sea bream, and many others. For those who can't stomach raw food, some of the cooked items that can be enjoyed include unagi kabayaki, dory fillet in garlic butter sauce, meatballs in garlic butter, garlic fried rice, fried udon, chawanmushi, fried prawn balls, takoyaki, teriyaki dishes including chicken, fish, etc., and a whole lot more.


To complete your meal, there’s a decent ice cream selection to be enjoyed, which includes the perennial Japanese favourite, the green tea flavour ice cream topped with red beans. In short, if you’re looking for great, affordable Japanese buffet dining, be sure to head to Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant.