The emergence of this restaurant in 2004 was only possible due to the strong culinary influence for authentic Chinese cuisine from Mainland China. Led by Chef Chin who has a staggering 30 years of experience in the F&B industry, customers are meticulously served meals with a certain Hakka twist and using only the best ingredients to ensure they get to experience the dinner of a lifetime. Hence, the exceptionally long name is no surprise following their delicious food and noble gesture to provide an impeccable dining experience - so that people will remember this place! 

The interior is no less fascinating as it is decorated with luxurious looking furniture and with the clean environment, it is commonplace for customers to dine in comfort and peace. 

If you ever decide to pay this restaurant a visit, do try out their signature dishes as your visit would be a waste if you do not. The first dish is their Deep Fried Brinjal with Chicken Floss. Garnished with a generous amount of savoury chicken floss and green spring onions, the carefully fried brinjal combined can only bring utter satisfaction to your tastebuds. 

The Double Boiled Hasma with Pear in Coconut on the other hand serves to provide a cooling sensation to your body after consuming a hefty amount of heaty food. Carefully prepared, customers can dine all they want without fear of overloading on sugar. The Braised Giant Grouper Fish is also a choice to consider as only the freshest fish are prepared! For those who are health conscious, fret not as the gravy is not too salty. 

Don't forget to give the Mutton Soup with Beancurd Stick a try if you are a lover of warm soup and all things chewy. Fresh out of the kitchen, the warm sensation with delectable, chewy mutton will surely be a choice you won't regret. Moving on to the next dish, their Roasted Duck in "Sandwich Style" will also bring you great pleasure once you take a bite. Infused with distinctive sauces, it is safe to say you will get more than what you bargained for.

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