Euro Deli began in 1991 as a meat processing company of the non-halal kind and has been growing ever since. With products sold at most major supermarkets like Cold Storage and Giant, it is considered the leading meat processing and sausage manufacturing company in this country. A few years after, the company decided to market their products straight onto plates and established the Euro Deli Restaurant in Damansara. The restaurant went through a makeover a few years back to keep the public’s interest going. Just like its marketed processed products, it is a lovable brand that’s also known as ‘The Sausage King’ for its heavenly rich concoctions of European delicacies.

Euro Deli restaurant upholds its Swiss-German theme by bringing in popular German draft beers like the Hoegaarden, Leffe Blonde, and Franziskaner. As the company is all about sausages, one can expect the same from the restaurant. Choose from sausages like Hungarian Sausage, Bratwurst and German Pepper Sausage or go ahead and combine them in a platter. For a restaurant known for its porky goodness, treat yourself with the variations of pork based meals such as the BBQ Pork Ribs, sizes of Pork Knuckle and Stuffed Pork Belly. Bear in mind that this is not even half of the pig available at Euro DeliOther pork-ies include Bacon Pie, Flour Dumplings with Bacon, Pork Parmigiana, and Roast Pork Snack Wraps; everywhere you look, it’s pretty much all pork. However, if you’re feeling less porky, you could always go for other options like seafood based meals, beef, chicken, or lamb. Price-wise, to some it may be much, and average to some others, but it is a price one would expect from a European restaurant.