Cookies and desserts. It may sound like the best thing ever and it probably is. Think about chocolate chip cookies with a cup of coffee, a waffle with ice cream and smoothies, all to yourself, bliss. Let’s face it though, not many has the stomach strength and brain power to physically devour all those mentioned.

After all, visiting a place like this is best with a companion to share the experience with. Escapade is located in Subang Jaya, or more specifically, the busy township of SS15 located not too far away from Empire Shopping Gallery, this café specialises in desserts and cookies dreamed up by the mother and daughter team of The Skinny Bakers.

The Skinny Bakers specialises in selling cookies with the chocolate chip cookies being among their best sellers. If this sounds like you, then you can head over to Escapade to get some great homemade cookies. Sporting a light blue paint job, the shop is not the hardest to spot as they are not many shops around that sports similar colours.

The café is not the biggest in the business either. A small and humble yet simple and unique design provides the shop with an ambience of similar attributes. There are a number of desserts here to give a go to. Among them to try includes the roti ice cream or bun with scoops of ice cream. Also their cookie ice cream sandwich and Nutella Strawberry Jar Ice Cream along with the banana split is worth the try, perfect for ice cream lovers.