Looking for an open wood fired Italian restaurant to experience the significance of an original restaurant in Italy? Enorme Italian Restaurant offers more than just a twist on its ambiance but perhaps its full house most of the time causes by its wide range of menus offered from pastas and pizza, the usual Italian dishes everyone crazes over to Enorme’s signature pork rack. With a hefty amount of meat chunks and peas & orzo as sides to add to the taste, one can never look past such mouth-watering meal.

By highlighting one of the specialties offered, wood-fires pizzas are a must-try for every first-timer to set foot in this restaurant. But get this, unlike any other places customers can choose from XXS-sized, a five inch serving, or the XXL-sized pizzas enormously surpassed the KL Tower, a little bit of exaggeration but truth be told. Besides, the name Enorme in Italian means enormous in English and as expected, probably at least a single giant dish is served at every table seated in the restaurant. For many, the restaurants crispy-crust Carbonara Pizza sets to be one of the highest picked. Possibly because of its tasty carbonara sauce covered crispy bacon to leave such an impact to every person that has tasted it.

Located at Seksyen 13 along Jalan Kemajuan, the place has never been less than half packed since it has been featured in several newspapers for its authenticity in bringing in the original taste of Italian dishes. More or less, it sounds pretty promising.