EGG - 8 Gourmets Gala Petaling Jaya

If your taste buds are showing signs of ridiculous cravings for basically everything edible then going to EGG or Eight Gourmet Gala restaurant would certainly be a great idea! Prepare to indulge on a variety of different cuisines ranging from almost all around the world at this food court-concept based spacious restaurant. As how they may say it, an egg has many characteristics and that is what EGG is all about by including eight eateries and bars with own delectable dishes all in the same roof.

Eight may seem a small number however each eatery offers a variety of dishes that could fill your tummy in no time. For a Chinese hawker fare, go for Hakka Crab’s signature Stir Fried, Egg White Steam and Salted egg crab dishes. Noodles, rice, egg, vegetables are also available. Those who love Japanese food can go for Chiyo Sushi. For plenty more seafood cuisine, take a peek at Hook & Cook and do not miss their fresh Lobster dishes!

Vegetarians are also very welcomed here at EGG as Yi is available for vegetarian fine-dining such as their pumpkin soup, Mushroom Sang Mee, Mushroom Cheese Burger, Mushroom Sandwich and so much more. Those who are watching their waistline can go for salad, soups and sandwiches from Nibbles whereas those who want to go all out can opt for Caffeinees’ pizza, burgers, steaks, pastas and more.

What is a meal without desserts? Give Confessiones of Lady Laura a try with their Panna Cotta, Crème Brulee, Waffles, Sizzling Chocolate Brownie with Hazelnut Ice cream along with a great cup of Gigacino a super-sized cappuccino. Wine over coffee – Malt Berry Ape is the place to go for wine and whisky!