Dim sum. What do you normally think about when someone, say, your fiend mentions to you dim sum? Is it the fact of eating a type of food so deep in the roots of the community? Or the simple fact of eating in a unique matter of from bamboo steaming baskets? Or maybe even the fact of dining in a usually crowded place? Whatever it is, dim sum revolves sometimes, if not usually around those said attributes. After all, not many prefer to not eat alone, especially during dim sum, sharing the ordered dishes among many ensures a steady flow of new calls without getting full or tired.

Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, in the highly acclaimed Eastin Hotel, one can guess that this restaurant is not the usual dim sum parlour that you are used to. This restaurant, being in a hotel like this, one would call it a step above the rest if not premium level. What does it mean by that? Do carry on. Well for one, a restaurant like this ensures customers dine like royalty with exceptional quality service and good food all with “a touch from the heart”. 

Upon stepping in the restaurant, one can expect to be greeted with the most sincere of greetings and widest of smiles. While here, of course, do not hesitate to give their dim sum a go. The usual dim sum varieties are served here, including the very popular siu mai. Also their nicely made egg tarts should also not to be missed out.

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Every day
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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