Eat-zy Teow Chew Porridge & Rice Subang Jaya

If you are ever in the mood for a good bowl of porridge and happen to be around Subang Jaya, do take note of Eat-Zy Teow Chew Porridge & Rice. As the name would imply, this establishment specialises in Teow Chew cuisine, which relies more on the freshness and quality of the ingredients used, and places slightly less emphasis on flavourings compared to other forms of Chinese cuisine.

At Eat-Zy Teow Chew Porridge & Rice, the first thing to take note of is the fact that the porridge is cooked with sweet potatoes, which add colour, texture and sweetness to the porridge. However, for the most part, the porridge is slightly bland, but this is done for a very good reason. This is because at Eat-Zy Teow Chew Porridge & Rice, there are a wide variety of side dishes that can be chosen to compliment your bowl of congee. A common side dish that can be ordered is the braised peanuts, which are rich and salty, which work well with the sweet and slightly bland bowl of porridge. If there are other flavour profiles desired, side dishes such as the pumpkin braised with minced pork for a rich, sweet flavour; while the tempeh and anchovies give the spicy kick you might be looking for.

While porridge is the specialty, there are a number of other dishes to take note of that do not fall in this category. One of the dishes that does stand out in this regard is the yam rice, which is both aromatic and flavourful. Dishes like these provide a great alternative to customers who are not fans of porridge, but could use a hearty meal on a cold day.

In short, if fresh and hearty Chinese food is what you are looking for, Eat-Zy Teow Chew Porridge & Rice is definitely the place. This restaurant more than delivers on the promise that is Teow Chew cuisine.