"What would you like to do for lunch? 'Du' Vietnamese!" 

A creative name comes a long way. And not to forget about its ambiance too! It is a beautifully designed Vietnamese restaurant. The owner of Du Viet has already made considerations for the design of the restaurant from the entrance itself. The door's design resembles the national Vietnamese flag. 

The interior of Du Vietz gives out a vibe of an old-school Vietnamese restaurant with the walls, tables, and chairs. Du Vietz makes sure everyone is seated comfortably as there are enough seatings; either for a big group or a small group of people. Don't worry if you are going to dine there on a blazing hot day because Du Vietz has air conditioners installed in their restaurant. Making sure that their customers have a pleasant experience there.

Du Vietz boasts their 'light and healthy Vietnamese food' such as pho. Not to forget about their well-marinated skewers. It goes well with a cup of Vietnamese dripped coffee! Especially if you like your coffee strong; with a combination of coffee and milk.