Donutes Coffee & Bakery Petaling Jaya

Donutes Coffee and Bakery. If you're a fan of cakes and pastry but have never heard of this particular bakery-cum-cafe, it's high time you emerge from your shell and take the big bold step into the great outdoors. Again.

There are currently three different outlets to date, but the one in Kota Damansara is by far the biggest one out of the three and that's the one we are featuring this time around. Donutes Coffee and Bakery, as the name aptly suggest, sport a dab hand in churning out fluffy bread goodness as well as crumbly pastries that goes exceptionally well with aromatically robust coffee. Quite the hearty breakfast fare for anyone to begin the day with. 

In terms of its cakes, this particular bakery brings about a diverse selection of cakes that includes your common variants such as Pure Cheese, Black Forest, Tiramisu as well as certain cakes that incorporates an innovative twist. Take for example, their Uji Matcha cake which entails the unique bitter-sweet flavour of green-tea. But what set this particular cake apart from the rest is the varying consistency in terms of texture present within the same slice of cake. Utilising a thin layer of mochi that separates the layers of green-tea mousse from the layer of chocolatey cake, every bite is decadently sinful -but pleasurable. Other notable ones include their signature Froyal (Strawberry filled vanilla pudding cake), Flashing (Belgium chocolate mousse with strawberry filling), or Mango Panna Cotta (Milk pudding with mango), just to name a few.

Of course, there are literally 2 dozens or more in terms of cake selection and it would seem absurd that anyone -even in their hungriest state; would be able to scarf down that many cakes in one sitting. Hence, the possibility is there that you will make a return trip here. And trust us on this, the way we see it, you will be.