Located in 1 Utama, Dontaku is a Japanese restaurant specialising in ramen. Dontaku thrives on a wide variety of other Japanese delicacies and has been successful in consistently pulling a crowd in. Evidence of this success is shown in the fact that they now have a number of branches already in operation in places like Johor Bahru and Singapore. Interior-wise, it's pretty dim, in a good way and the hodgepodge of Japanese-style porcelains and vases adorning the walls just reels over Instagram attention. 

As far as the ramen options are concerned, there is sufficient choice. Whether it be the the gekikara ramen, tonkotsu ramen, chicken teriyaki ramen, or chashu tonkotsu ramen, you should have no trouble picking out your favourite version of this hot, rich bowl of noodles and soup. The alternative to ramen, tsukemen, is also available at Dontaku. Some options available in this regard include udon and ramen noodles.

As mentioned before, Dontaku also has a variety of other Japanese delicacies that are available. Customers can enjoy dishes like donburi, cold noodle dishes, sushi, sashimi, yakitori and temaki. For larger groups that want to share a big portion, the nabe selection offered will be a great start.

There are also many different sets available for customers to get the most value for their dining experience. On top of this, you can choose from a variety of juices, teas and alcoholic beverages to help wash the food down.

So if you're looking for a great Japanese dining experience to go along with that ramen craving, give Dontaku a try. The variety provided here will keep you satisfied even if ramen is not your cup of tea.