Situated within the premises of Klang Parade, Don Kaiten Japanese Restaurant ensures that nothing goes amiss for when it comes to seeking out Japanese food in the immediate vicinity.

Despite sporting an outlook that will strongly remind you of other existing commercialized Japanese food chain-stores -eg: Sakae Sushi, Sushi Mentai, Sushi King, just to name a few; Don Kaiten is one of a kind found no where else in Klang -heck, maybe even throughout Malaysia.

Usually frequented by the mall's tenants, customers and white collar workers looking for grub hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, this place boasts an extensive menu of sushi, bento and others. Customers can opt for sushi off the belt -price ranging from RM2.00 to RM6.00; or choose from a selection of ala carte products. Of course, set promotions are available as well for those who wants the best value for their money -prices are not too tacky as well, reasonably priced in exchange for exquisite taste.

Expertly and meticulously hand-made by their sushi-chefs, the sushi -and sashimi; comprises of only the freshest of ingredients. And unlike other sushi joints, they offer a selection of Japanese-western fusion as well, with pasta.

And when there, do try out their salmon-based products, raw or grilled (with a choice of salt- or sauce-grill), cheesy half-shelled oysters -or scallop; as well as unagi -the eel are properly deboned and grilled to perfection, coupled with the glistening teriyaki sauce, it's simply mouth-watering. And if you are partial to Japanese mentai as a part of your Japanese dining experience, Don Kaiten is sure to accommodate that. Also note-worthy is their signature egg-crepe maki and handrolls as well, found no where else but in Don Kaiten.