What are the chances for one to encounter a fusion of steamboat and dim sum all at a place? Plausibly it will be a slight higher than encountering a mythical creature, perhaps a centaur. However, a few walks along Jalan SS4D/2 Kelana Jaya, without sliding in any mystery to it, sits Dian Huo Xin Wo a Chinese steamboat restaurant that has been around since 2014.

A rather glaring green signboard facing the main road, crowds could easily spot the place. Within few steps taken inside, the place can be seen housing aged-old vintage items tabled on nicely crafted wooden furniture. Decorating the walls and every corner are wooden planks that was claimed to be from decades ago. Pretty vintage, isn’t it?

Some of the folk’s favourites include Tongsam Century Egg and Japanese Cucumber as appetisers before moving on the mains. Opting for one soup base would be hard considering that they are equally rich in herbals and nicely scented but the Black Chicken Herbal Soup stands out the most.

It is only fair to shed some light on this house speciality, namely the great dim sum balls that are handmade with some tough grind along the way, perfecting every inch of them. Hand-shaped upon order, the balls paste will be massaged for an hour before they are rolled out, and get this; they have definitely outdone normal ones in term of sizing. Mockingly bulldozing others, their fillings are to-die-for. We mean, who in the right mind would not want cubes of egg yolk stuffed inside humongous and juicy pork balls?

Other types would include quail egg chicken ball, crystal fish ball and many more. Slices of American Wagyu beef, pork loins are also available for you non-vegans out there. Any more carnivorous and they might just have to so start hunting for unicorns. Wrap up your meal with their herbal tea, which is served in a glass or chilled transparent bottle, to ease take aways. 

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