Delectable Treats By Su @ Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya

Located at Paradigm Mall, Delectable Treats is your one stop cake shop that’ll solve all your cake problems. Be it wedding, birthday or an anniversary cake, this cake shop can do that and so much more. Each cake is suited to your style as you can customise the cake having your dream cake come to reality is probably what everyone would want. And now, with Delectable Treats around, you’ll have that opportunity to do it.


Delectable Treats at Paradigm Mall is a branch from its main headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The owner goes by the name of Su. She had first started this as a blogger in 2009 and carried the brand Delectable with her along her life’s ventures. Whether a personal or professional event, Delectable Treats will be the one to bake their overly pretty delights to you. Premium quality products with custom touches to craft something that’ll leave a mark in your memory.


Wedding cakes can be tailored however you want it to be whereas party cakes can be a mix of a fun and colourful piece of art. Remember it’s all about how you want your cake to be. Apart from the big cakes, dessert tables and gift boxes can be done all in bite sizes. Absolutely adorable and pretty in every way. Personalised cookies and cakes for corporate events can be done and at the same time making an impression with something unique to suit your brand image. A range of handmade cookies are available to choose from. The cookies are all freshly baked daily with care.


A definite winner of cakes and cookies, you’ll find this an absolute ‘delectable treat’ for you and your loved ones around.