Decanter offers three things; good food, good wine, and good atmosphere. Tuck away in an apartment housing area in PJ’s Section 17, the area is increasingly known to be the food haven for the people around, and for a good reason. In the midst of other restaurants, all with a different theme, Decanter sets itself apart by being the restaurant that has an impressive list of wine. For a place of its size, the wine selection available there is enough for a simple enjoyment to end a day.

Guests could choose to go for the house wine, by the glass, or by the bottle. Or you could choose to spend the night away with the usual cocktails, mocktails or beers. But no alcohol is enough without food to enjoy it with, and Decanter offers a lot of varieties. The talk of town would definitely be their Cheese Chicken Chop. Unlike the usual black pepper sauce chicken chop, Decanter added a little bit more with mozzarella cheese, ham and Thousand Island sauce. Other favourites also include Mix Grilled Platter of lamb, prawn, chicken, fish, ham and tomatoes, and their Grilled Norwegian Salmon. Decanter also offers something as exciting as Belacan Chicken Wings should you ever wish to venture out of the box. If you decide to be local for the day, try their Local Delights menu for some of your favourite local dishes or the less-so Indonesian Fried Rice.

Other than the usual, Decanter also offers brunch for those looking to kill two meals in one time. All in all, Decanter is yet another restaurant to add on to your growing list.

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