Dave's Deli has come a long way since taking its first baby steps way back in 1989, and through the sweat and blood of its founding couple, has managed to propel itself to culinary stardom. To date, Dave's Deli has debuted as one of the most celebrated Western diners throughout Malaysia, churning out delectable, unpretentious meals that will bring warmth to the hearts of many. It's no surprise that it has garnered quite the loyal following over the course of its existence. 

100% Malaysian owned and operated, this local deli is often patronised by those with a fervour for delicious delicatessen entailing a touch of home. Menu wise, Dave's Deli's signature dish encompasses their rendition of the 1/4 roasted chicken. Aptly named Dave's Original 1/4 Roast Chicken, the roasted poultry fare is decadently tender in texture and gloriously savoury in flavour no doubt thanks to the myriad of spices and herbs incorporated during the marination process.

Of course, the immaculate roasting process under the stringent supervision of the dedicated cooks did its part in contributing to the overall success of the roasted poultry as well. Paired with any side-dish of your preference along with a ladle full of Dave's Deli's much sought-after brown sauce, you're all set to embark on a gourmet ride of a lifetime.

Aside from their poultry fare as their main attraction, Dave's Deli bring upon the table an array of other good eats as well. Ranging from soups to pies, quiche to panini, pasta, chops as well as steaks, patrons are usually spoilt for choices. And for good reason as their food fare are equally on par in terms of taste. 

However if you're keen on their roasted poultry fare, do note that they accommodate to 1/2 portions or whole chicken meals as well, hence voracious eaters with a carnivorous appetite can rejoice wholeheartedly.