Located in SS15, Dáo literally means ‘Bean’ in Cantonese/Chinese. Dáo is a traditional dessert shop that specialises in soybean based desserts like Taufufah and Soybean milk. Run by three siblings from Ipoh, their father have been running one of the most famous beancurd stalls in Ipoh, Woong Kee Beancurd for more than two decades! The trio wants to allow people to enjoy traditional soybean desserts in a cosy environment. They brought this concept to the area as they had noticed the lack of cafes that serves traditional desserts and traditional desserts can usually only be able at pasar malam stalls/ food trucks.

Dáo’s soybean desserts are made from scratch daily following their family’s recipe. To get access to the raw materials they need, the siblings would travel back and forth to Ipoh every month then bring them back for the cafe.

As mentioned above, Dáo wants people to enjoy soybean desserts in a cosy environment, their ambience is also very nostalgic. Check out their Happy Families wall which is fully plastered with 90’s kids’ favourite Happy Families game cards! The charm to Dáo’s is that the environment is full of old school elements and as you enter the cafe, you can definitely reminisce over your childhood days.

The menu selection is very minimal and of course, Taufufah and Soybean Milk are the stars of the cafe. For their Taufufah, there is three syrup choices which are ginger syrup, white sugar and brown sugar.

For the soybean milk, there is soymilk and black soymilk. Dáo has also came up with innovative desserts such as the ''Dáo Red'' (beancurd with red bean paste) and ''Dáo Panda'' (beancurd with black sesame paste). Other than hot desserts, Dáo also released a range of cold desserts and beverages in order to cater to people who prefer cold dessert. If you want something to chew on, you can definitely add- on RM1 for some bouncy tang yuens!

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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