Located within the premise of Damen Mall, USJ 1, dal.komm COFFEE's new franchise, dal.komm HAUS, brings new delight to dessert fans and coffee aficionados as they serve potential patrons with highest quality coffee, scrumptious light meals and finest desserts. And that's probably the reason why they brought home the Best Of The Best Brand Awards for Cafe Category back in 2015. 

In terms of their menu items, dal.komm COFFEE is rather well known for their signature 'bingsu' (shaved-ice dessert) dessert topped with ice-cream -BEWARE, brain freeze imminent! What's more, they have several delectable flavours to choose from, stemming from Choco Lava Bingsu to Apple Crumble Bingsu and also Lemon Dazzling Bingsu, just to name a few.

But of course, if you wish for something along the lines of bread-dessert, they have also toasts served with ice-cream toppings. While there are a quite the variety of toast desserts, their two recommended ones would be Chocolate Banana toast and also Strawberry Vanilla toast, both come with a generous scoop of sweet vanilla ice-cream.

Not forgetting their coffee items as well, dal.komm COFFEE brings about a unique and fun twist to the coffee scene, making use of coffee or chocolate cube skewers meant to be dipped into hot cup of milk. As customers are actually involved with the 'making' of their own hot beverages, it turned out to be quite the crowd-pleaser among dal.komm's patrons.