The sound and smell of meat sizzling unbolting every senses in the body is pretty much one would experience when dine in Da Sang Korean BBQ. Stepping into its main entrance, the place welcomes patrons with subtle modern surrounding that was effortlessly done enough to give off vibe of a BBQ restaurant somewhere in Seoul. Like many other Korean restaurants, tatami-type of seating is also available aside from the ordinary table-seating emitting a better exposure on Korean cultural dining.

Menus available in Da Sa Rang ranges from BBQ sets to individual dishes. Folks who are up for meat galore may opt for their special set 1 that serves 4 to 5 people, with mok-sal (grilled shoulder pork), dak-galbi (grilled chicken chop with spicy sauce), moksal-berseot-mari (grilled pork with vegetables roll), and many more one could think of are consist of in the set. Complimentary side dishes that come together with the lunch set include the mother-of-all Korean food, kimchi. With a traditional fermented side dish made of vegetables and seasonings, kimchi is the ultimate ingredient in perfecting an authenticity of Korean cuisine. Individual meals are also at hand; enough for one to get a sip of taste on what Korean culinary art is all about. Bulgogi-ddukbeagei carry itself as crowd’s favourite with marinated beef topped on rice coating the palette. For a bizarre experience one’s tongue could a get a taste of, rabokki would do the job. Rice cake and Korean noodles drenched in spicy sauce in a plate is not your usual at-the-side-of-the-street food, and Da Sang Korean BBQ caters for the curious lots. 

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