D'Timer Cafe Damansara Uptown Petaling Jaya

D'Timer Cafe is located in Damansara Utama and serves some of the best Johor dishes we've ever tasted. The offer a wide spread of dishes such as Laksa Johor, Mee Rebus, Mee Kari, Lontong Kering, Roti Jala, Lempeng and so many more. This is unlike your usual shop where you get pastas, chicken chops etc, this is a place for authentic Johor dishes. The atmosphere and design of the cafe is very simple yet has a classy touch to it.

We were given 5 different dishes to try and here's what we had! For starters we had the "Kacang Pool with Bread" - It is made from broad beans and served with a sunny side up egg and topped with sliced green chilies and onions. There is always a lime sitting strategically in a corner. Don’t underestimate that lime. You are looking at the show stopper right there. The creaminess of the kacang pool, spice from the chilies and tang from the lime juice, everything was totally in sync. To make it even better, we were given two grilled butter toast. 

Next, we had the "Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng", one can never go wrong with a good plate of home-cooked nasi lemak. This dish really needs no long caption and description as the dish speaks for itself. But what makes this dish even better is the chili paste (sambal) that comes along with it. The spiciness and sweetness of the sambal is perfect and goes incredibly well with the ayam goreng! This dish is definitely a crowd favorite! 

Moving on, we were served the "Soto Ayam Nasi Himpit" - We've always had soto ayam with bihun, which you can actually request but for a change we wanted to try it with the nasi himpit, and we weren't disappointed with out decision. The soup was extremely flavorful and the nasi himpit was cut into the perfect bite size. If you like it spicy, add in the sambal kicap that comes along with it. It gives a whole new kick and flavor to the dish! 

We were also served the "Lontong Darat Kuah Kacang In your mind you're probably thinking that lontong can only be eaten during the Malay festive season like Hari Raya. But the difference with the  Johor culture is that they eat lontong in the morning and most people have it as their breakfast. Another thing that makes this lontong special from other kinds of lontong is that lontong darat is eaten dry and without any gravy, but over here it's served with peanut sauce (kuah kacang) to make the dish even more tasty! This is something worth trying for experience! 

And how can we not try the famous "Laksa Johor" - It is a unique dish with a fusion of east and west, and has an interesting story behind it. This style of curry noodles consists of spaghetti (yes, the Italian pasta), drenched in traditional Malay style laksa kuah (broth) made with ground fish paste, herbs, chillies, spices and a mix of fresh vegetables. The result is an interesting blend of sweet, tangy, spicy and savoury flavours combined with a combination of textures – crunchy, soft and grainy, eaten with the al dente spaghetti. Unique it may be, but Laksa Johor is actually not that well-known beyond Johor. It is also seldom found in stalls or restaurants, because it is laborious to make a good bowl of it but over here at D'Timer Cafe, the chefs put in 110% of the effort and hard work to satisfy customers taste buds! 

Moving on to beverages! The owner was generous enough to provide us with 4 of the best drinks and we loved every single one of it! Do explore their menu when you head over there as they have so many more unique coffee, ice blended beverages and teas for you to choose from! The 4 drinks that we tried were: 

Black Forest


Bandung Soda

D'Timer Coffee

We incredibly loved the food and drinks that were given to us to try and we want to thank D'Timer Cafe for having us! And to those of you reading... you need to at least visit this place once in your lifetime (more than once is way the better) to experience and taste the authentic Johor dishes!