D’Mesra Seafood is a Malay style restaurant in Port Klang, known for serving seafood, western and tom yam dishes. As far as Malay restaurants goes, there are already not much publicity about them, especially the roadside kinds, but it is for this very reason that one have to venture out to know what's good. D’Mesra is just another establishment in the midst of seafood restaurants, as expected in Port Klang, but they rise up with the well maintained taste even after all this years. The layout is simple, in an open air setting, perfect to enjoy a fulfilling meal along with the natural breeze from the sea.

The menu here has quite the variety, with the added attraction of full set meals. If you ever come along not knowing exactly what to eat, let them make most of the choice for you. Perfect for as low as four people to as much as ten people, it supports the idea that the merrier the better, especially when it comes to food.

Generally the set consists of a few sources of proteins, a soup, and a form of vegetable. A few menu choices involved, which can be ordered on its own as well, are the Tri-flavoured Barramundi, Mixed Tom Yam, and Kailan (Chinese kale) wit Salted Fish. The Barramundi is a favourite type of fish among the Malay community and served wonderfully crispy deep fried, with sweet, sour and spicy sauce, while the tom yam is nicely spicy, as it should be, cooked with a variety of ingredients in a pot. Another favourite from the west here is the Chicken Chop that is done right given the fact that it is served in a Malay seafood restaurant. The service are usually fast unless it’s one of those days where it is busier than others, so be prepared to be patient and understanding. 

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