Wherever you look now, there is always a place where you can get a good cup of coffee (no complaints from the coffee lovers!). Coffea Coffee is another international brand branching out in Malaysia. Originated from South Korea, Coffea Coffee aims to attract coffee lovers from different background and bring them all together to enjoy good coffee. Focusing more on the coffee, Coffea Coffee only uses premium coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia and Costa Rica. With great beans from coffee production countries, one can expect good taste and good quality.

One of the things that coffee lovers would enjoy at Coffea Coffee is their unique blending methods. You could either go for the ‘Maestro’ blending, which is an American style roasted blend, stronger in taste with dark chocolate undertones, or the ‘Madonna’ blending that follows the sweet European style roasted blend with its fruity aroma and a dash of acidity. Choices of coffee include Cappuccino, Latte, Triple Mocha, Piccolo and Green Tea Latte. Good news for peanut butter fans; Coffea Coffee is quite popular for their Peanut Butter Latte and Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake. The mix flavour of peanut butter with chocolate with a side of latte is so satisfying you will come back for more. Coffea Coffee also has other food options like their sandwiches for those with an empty stomach, or their cakes for added sweetness to your day.

Coffea Coffee has been steadily garnering interests from coffee lovers and food bloggers alike for their tasty coffee. They also have a member card that offers a 10% lifetime discount for the regulars. 

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