Coconut Steamboat 好椰火锅 Petaling Jaya

Malaysia is a tropical country blessed with a widespread of tropical fruits especially everyone’s favourite, coconuts! Coconuts have contributed to making a variety of delicious food all of which promising great subtle coconut flavour and cooling sensation especially on a hot day. So drop by Coconut Steamboat as it is all everything coconut here. Unlike usual steamboat joints, Coconut Steamboat fashions a clean, modern and sleek look for its interior depicting a cosy café ambience.

To add further uniqueness, this restaurant uses coconut based-broth made with fresh coconut as well as Tom Yam with coconut milk broth to go along their premium fresh steamboat ingredients. With each set meals, there is their fresh signature Kampung Chicken to be cooked with their natural pure coconut water for seven minutes to create that special broth base before you proceed to indulging their Prawn Balls, Shitake Pork Balls, Tasty Fish Balls, Fresh Scallops, Pork with Parsley Dumpling, Enoki Mushroom and so much more.

Besides the items that come with the sets, you can also indulge on their homemade special signature Coconut Dumplings along with fresh seafood ranging of prawns, sliced fish, scallop and more. Aside seafood, Coconut Steamboat also serves premium sliced beef, lamb, pork, Enoki Beef Rolls and more. While you wait for the chicken to cook in the coconut broth, nibble on their light bites such as their signature Crisp Fried Sesame Chicken, Baba Pai Tee, Fermented Red Bean Curd Ribs and more. A variety of vegetables, mushrooms and noodles are also available. 

As for beverages, have a go of their signature Fresh Pandan Coconut juice or Coconut Shake to accompany your delightful steamboat meal. Also save some space for your tummy for their signature Premium Homemade Coconut Ice Cream served in a lovely coconut bowl.