Coconut House has a long history of persevering through and trying again. After making their way through multiple locations in Klang Valley, all of which repeatedly closed down and relocated, the restaurant is currently standing tall in Jaya One. The response to this restaurant has always been positive because of its food quality. Don’t be put off by a Malaysian Chinese owner; the Italian food is authentic enough without having to pay a small fortune.

From best sellers Herbs Burger and Penne with Italian Sausage, to pizza toppings like Company of Mushroom and the unusual Fruitti de Fruit, the food served at Coconut House are both delicious and affordable. Take a bite out of a Herbs Burger made up of juicy pork patty, mozzarella, and marinara sauce in between Focaccia bun, or spoon into the wonderful combination of penne pasta with tomato sauce, homemade Italian sausage, chilli flakes, rosemary, and parmesan. Try the Stewed Lamb Shoulder, slowly stewed with rosemary, tomato, capsicum and onion resulting in moist meat that melts in your mouth.Have fun with the unusual topping of fruits on a pizza where the topping changes depending on the fruit available at the time of order. Coconut House also serve tantalising desserts such as the baked to perfection Baked Pear with Red Wine, and Baked Coffee Mousse, both served with vanilla ice-cream that complements their tastes. Enjoy a glass of the expected coconut flavours, in their Ice Coconut Coffee and Coconut Blended drink; made from coconut juice, coconut flesh, and vanilla ice cream blended together with ice. With a price tag of around RM20 for a satisfying meal, it shows that one can have a decent but cheap Italian meal.