Coconut Grove Dessert Corner Petaling Jaya

A Malaysian’s favourite, coconuts. Actually, not only here in Malaysia coconuts are a big hit. Other parts of the world, typically along the coastal area – beaches. Of course, the mainland is not to be excluded when it comes to the coconuts, because let’s face it, coconut is loved by all those who come by it.

Well, what is better than sipping from a coconut on a day of sunbathing on the beach of that famous beach resort you have always wanted to go to? Close friends and girlfriends as well as family members makes everything more worthwhile. Anyway, enough of all that let’s get started on the café. Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, Damansara Perdana, this place specialises in serving a lot of coconut based products, if you have not already guessed it from their name.

So, for all the coconut lovers out there, do not hesitate to pay this place a visit. Coconut Grove Dessert Corner is what one would call a step above the rest, in terms of coconuts, they only use the freshest and highest of quality coconuts, picked by very experienced hands. So, if you are indeed searching for a place that is modern yet comfortable and serves loads of coconuts, then this is the place to come visit.

The shop does not feature an overly complicated décor, tables and chairs are also as simple as it can be, all nicely arranged to max out the space available without sacrificing comfort. The same can be said for the outside, the cosiness extends to the front of the shop to ensure a warm welcome for all. Famous for their coconut jelly, it comes with a range of different toppings which includes cendol, Q-jelly and read beans.

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