If you ever feel like you have had enough of MSG laden foods, no matter how tasty they are, they leave you with an aftertaste and a dry mouth, you might want to look for another alternative. One of them is Claypot Station, where they are very proud to be an MSG-free restaurant. Like the name, Claypot Station does all its cooking in a clay pot where it is known to give more flavour and obviously the healthier option than most cooking. Treat yourself to a comforting meal that will get rid of the belief that eating out is bad for your health.

There are three must try signature dishes at Claypot Station; Hot and Spicy Pork Stomach Soup, Sour Vinegar Pork Leg, and the ultimate Fa Tiu Claypot Chicken. A generous amount of chicken cooked in black soy sauce with Fa Tiu wine that is directly imported from China, it is an authentically homey dish that is clearly the best seller. Another worthy mention is the Claypot Tofu with homemade tofu that has a crispy skin but a soft springy inside, like a good fried tofu should be. Other menu options include Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice, Butter Cream Chicken Rice, and Chicken/Pork Rib Rice, perfect for a quick bite during the day. Then you can come back later in the night to try their seafood menu with dishes like the crowd favourite Kam Heong Lala and Asam Curry Prawn. The prices are reasonable for a restaurant in the city, but with the portion and quality, it is considered to be on the cheaper side. 

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