Chuup Café is a small yet cosy restaurant that has made a name for itself serving Malaysian delicacies with a bit of a twist. Malaysian favourite meal at any time of day, Nasi Lemak is famously served here with Pork Rendang. They may not be the first to have come up with the idea but with the tender pork meat slowly cooked with rendang and all its spices keeps the crowd coming back. Not only that, Chuup is also popular with its Grandma’s Pork Chuup. Pork Loin that has been well marinated and battered, shallow fried with homemade egg spinach and potato carrot ragout is as good as it gets. Those who feel a bit nostalgic could opt for their Hainanese Chicken Rice that exudes familiarity in taste. Their number one sell-out however, is their Chicken Chuupies of deep fried marinated chicken pieces with a still juicy centre. Another crowd favourite is the Popiah stuffed with Prawns and Dried Shrimp, though not completely original, it is not easy to find a decent plate of Prawn Popiah. Only done when there’s an order, the freshness of the Popiah rolls is much appreciated. Chuup Café also offers a unique coffee blend of coffee and local durian. A taste that is not for all, if you’re a fan of durian, there is no harm in trying the Durian Coffee.

The price at Chuup Café is more than your roadside stall but the portion and quality is definitely worth the price. Although still new in the business but with multiple hits with the customers, a very unique but localised taste, the café deserves all the attention it gets.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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