Fret no longer Pahang-ians in the capital as your dishes of Bentong specialities can now be found just right around the corner. From steamed fish ball to kongsai-style beancurd with meat, this is flat-out the place to be when craving for some classic authentic Malaysian delicacy. Situated within a walkable distance from IOI Boulevard, Choy Hi Restaurant specialises in Bentong cuisine serving pleasant experience for a family dinner or even a gathering of friends.

With rather a challenge on getting an empty parking spot, nevertheless the place’s famous Yong Tau Foo and Bak Kut Teh will be worth all the sweats. The restaurant rests a simple family-friendly look with rooms to cater for big families, especially in the evening or weekends.

One of the many must-tries that they serve is the hot piping Bean curd Stuffed with Fish Paste that seems mouth-watering enough even on a hot day. Patrons’ favourite include the Boneless Chicken drenched in a thick apricot sauce with cucumbers decorating it. Sounds delicious? We have not gotten to the best part yet. This house also serves Wild Boar Curry, with its spicy creamy taste the dish consist of, one would definitely fail on saying no to that. Delectably wise, the claypot spinach with fish balls soup is also worth a try by pairing it with the place Pei Pa Roast Duck known for its crispiness on the outside and juicy when bites taken. 

Give a shot on the Four Heavenly Kings that consists of brinjals, long beans, ladies fingers, and four angles beans cooked in claypot to experience a different yet tastier than the usual meal. 

In a nutshell, for hearty and tasty Chinese dishes, Choy Hi Restaurant is a place to be.

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