Chong Hwa Curry Laksa 中华咖喱面餐馆 Batu Caves

Chong Hwa Curry Laksa is an old school eatery that aims to pass down their love for cooking with their family recipes! For local patrons, Chong Hwa Curry Laksa has been a childhood favorite for many ever since they started in 1968! Specializing in laksa and curry chicken, this place is leaving behind a legacy by upholding tradition and surrounding guests with nostalgia with their restaurant!

First up was their famous Curry Laksa that's served with a generous amount of fresh cockles and their specialty super flavorful broth! This Curry Laksa truly lived up to it's reputation and it is irresistible!

Curry Laksa

Nasi Lemak as we all know is a Malaysian Staple, but here at Chung Hwa Curry Laksa, you get to combine nasi lemak with another favorite, curry chicken. The Curry Chicken adds a nice touch to the nasi lemak and it is tender so you can definitely taste the spices!

Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak
The Pan mee is another traditional dish served here whereby the noodles are hand made as opposed to being pre made or manufactured. This adds a nice homemade feel to the overall taste. This dish is rich in taste, especially in the broth.
Pan Mee
Next, we have the Crispy Fried Chicken Rice. now the highlight here is definitely the fried chicken. It is juicy, meaty and has that crispy texture we all look for in fried chicken. This is definitely a wholesome meal.
Crispy Fried Chicken Rice
Then we have the yong tau foo. Now this is a great dish usually had for lunch. It consists of various tofu's and vegetables. It is a wholesome meal and when the tofu is soaks up the broth, it adds a lot of flavor!
Yong Tau Foo
Another classic dish available here would have to be the roti bakar set. Now this dish consists of toasted bread and half boiled egg that comes with the set. This dish is simple yet it has a lot of flavor in it and it is also a good start to the day.
Roti Bakar Set
Next up, we have the Mung Bean sweet soup and black glutinous rice soup. This is another classic dish that adds a lot of texture and flavour into it. The soup taste sweet and you get elements of savory taste in it as well
Black Glutinous Rice and Mung Bean Sweet Soup
You also get an assortment of kuih’s available here, such as Sri Muka which is a very glutinous kuih that is sweet and really is a good dessert to wash down your heavy breakfast as well as the Yam Cake and Rice Bowl Cake for those that prefer a savoury touch!
Sri Muka
Yam Cake
Rice Bowl Cake
Finally we have the ice kacang. Now this is a Malaysian classic that is essentially shaved ice with nuts and brown sugar sauce. It's very satisfying to have especially on hot days. 
Ice Kacang

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